3 Tips For Conducting A Successful Website Redesign

If you feel that your business’s current website isn’t working out for your company as well as it could be, it might be time for you to consider redesigning your website. However, knowing that you need to redesign part or all of your website is much easier than actually getting it done.

To help you take on this huge task without having your business suffer in the process, here are three tips for conducting a successful website redesign. 

Really Understand Your Customer

Before you start making any changes to your website, you first need to have a very firm understanding of your customer and what adjustments will best resonate with them. 

According to HubSpot.com, one of the best ways to gain a better understanding of your customers is to create buyer personas based on your target audiences. With these buyer personas, you should include as much information as possible about who your buyer is, what they want, and how to best connect with them. Once you have this information, you can then start shaping your website redesign around the buyer personas so that every item you include or take out of your redesigned website will be catered to the exact people you’re targeting. 

Announce Your Redesign When It’s Launched

Once you’ve gotten your redesign essentially complete, online marketing guru Neil Patel advises that you create a big announcement and marketing campaign around your relaunch.

To make the most of your redesigned and relaunched website, you’ll want to let both your previous and future visitors know what you’ve done and why. First off, letting people know that they’ll be seeing a different website the next time they visit your URL will go a long way toward helping people not be caught off guard and wondering if they have the right website or business. Secondly, announcing the launch of your new website will also let you explain what changes you’ve made and how those changes will make it easier to use your website. 

Consider A Piecemeal Redesign

While you definitely can put up an entirely new website all at once when doing your redesign, this isn’t the only option for a successful redesign.

According to CrazyEgg.com, what you may want to try is doing a piecemeal redesign over time. This will give you the opportunity to see how your small changes are affecting the success of your website so that you can continue making tweaks until everything is perfect. By redesigning in this manner, you won’t be starting from scratch so that you can still use any elements that were working while also finding the best replacement elements for whatever wasn’t working before. 

If you’re thinking about redesigning your website, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you complete this task successfully.