4 Essential Principles in Designing Print Banners

Even though technology provides digital marketing these days, print marketing is still used as well – this is the way to ensure that everyone’s attention is caught. Many companies like to use smaller advertising techniques like leaflets and booklets found on this helpful site for an example but a majorly popular technique is also the use of banners. Banners are versatile marketing tools used in a variety of applications. Many retail businesses use these to promote products inside or outside store premises. Banners are also popular in trade show exhibitions. There are many benefits to adding printed banners in a company’s marketing campaign. First, banners are durable and reusable. You can put them anywhere you like and store them for future use. For trade show participants, banners are easy to set up, dismantle and carry. Most importantly, banners are inexpensive and convenient to use.

But the success of printed banners depends significantly on the design. Here are four essential principles for ensuring that the banner you design for your company’s advertising campaign creates the intended impact.

Simplicity and branding consistency

Banners intended for outdoor locations need to be visible from afar. The message needs to be simple, straight to the point, and eye-catching. Make sure that the layout, colours, and text font are consistent with your company’s branding. If your company has a logo, it needs to be prominently featured on the banner.

For indoor banners where customers can come up close and read the text, you can add more detailed product descriptions if necessary. Overview of promotions, product launches, and upcoming events are typically presented using indoor banners.

Choose a reputable banner printing company

When it comes to choosing from several banner printers, make sure that you choose a supplier with the best reputation. Check their body of work and ensure that they offer versatile designs and customisation if possible. The material used is also critical, especially if you intend to re-use the banner multiple times.

Come up with an eye-catching and unique design

Simplicity is a fundamental principle in designing printed banners, but it does not mean that you cannot be creative. Since you only have an average of three seconds to catch the attention of a passer-by, the design should not be cluttered or too busy.

Advertising agencies today are becoming increasingly creative in designing outdoor marketing campaigns, and you need to follow suit. Since it is harder to catch the attention of people, you need to come up with something that resonates with your brand but at the same time puts a new and exciting spin on the message you want to convey.

You can take the assistance of a professional service that has experience in designing advertising material such as large format printing for banners, backdrops, and hanging signs. To find a company that may guide you through various banner designs, you can check out a few local service providers or explore websites similar to https://dandreavisual.com/large-format-printing/. Using these techniques can increase brand recognition and provide you a chance to embrace versatility.

Strategic banner placement

The placement of your banner will help maximise the impact of your message. If the focus of your banner is to get a high number of views, the best locations would be shopping centres, busy streets, and transit locations. But if you intend to target a specific audience with your banner, you need to find a place where these potential customers congregate. Some examples include stadiums, trade shows, and exhibits. If you are selling a sports beverage, you can put up banners near sports gyms, or close to where a sporting event regularly takes place.

In conclusion, banner printing is practical and effective. Every marketing expert knows that despite the popularity of digital channels, print advertising still maintains a solid standing in the world of advertising.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/c2x94-kmQcQ