4 Ways Money Affects Your Health

People like to believe the age-old saying, “money can’t buy you happiness.” Unfortunately, the truth is that people in low-income circumstances tend to have worse health.

Beyond having less access to healthcare and treatments, lack of resources may lead to cause and effect. For example, driving in an old car that spontaneously malfunctions could lead to getting in an accident. Living in a home that is poorly insulated may lead to illness. Ultimately, statistics show that higher-income means better health. One of the biggest ways that the economically disadvantaged are harmed is by their lack of insurance. Not having health insurance can mean skipping out on trips to Calgary orthodontists, for instance. 

Here are a few of the ways that money stresses can affect your well-being. 


People with more than $5000 of debt are more to suffer from anxiety than those without debt. When you feel out of control of your finances, it can lead to panic and worry.  

People with increased anxiety are more likely to turn to unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, or over-eating. As a result, not only is their physical health affected but also their mental health.

Increased Blood Pressure

Worrying about how you’ll pay your rent or put food on the table is a legitimate concern. Not being able to pay the bills to provide your family can put a significant amount of stress on someone.

As a result, it’s possible to increase your chances of a heart attack. When you’re stressed, your blood pressure increases, contributing to potential heart problems.

Digestive Issues

If you’ve ever been so shocked by something that you feel a sensation of your stomach dropping, then you know the impact that your emotions can have on your stomach.

Not only does money stress affect your health, but people who have fewer resources may not be able to afford the best kinds of foods. From ulcers to intestinal cancers, these digestive conditions are more closely linked to lower-income individuals than wealthy ones. 

Tensed Muscles

Studies show that people who suffer back pain had a 50% chance of being under intense financial stress. When you’re worried about how you’ll pay your bills, your body tenses up. If you have regular muscular issues, consider whether your finances may be playing a role.

Our body is affected by our financial status from our behavior to our mental health. While money can’t necessarily buy you happiness, it can certainly help prolong your life.  
That’s not to say that you have to win the lottery to live a happy life. However, by doing everything that you can to keep your finances in order, you’ll see improved physical and mental health. As Richard Baker said,  “To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth.”