5 Ways To Pay For Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Sometimes we get ourselves in situations we do not foresee, and the need for a defense lawyer arises.  If you’re facing criminal charges, you don’t want to make the mistake of going into court without representation. Going into court without legal aid is almost equal to rowing a boat without oars. So, why go through all that trouble of representing yourself in court when you can find someone who could help you get out of the mess. 

However, you likely don’t have a couple of thousand dollars sitting around the house.  Paying for good legal representation such as a criminal attorney can be pricey, so it’s wise to understand all the ways you can make moves to pay the price.  

Try a crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding sites like Gofundme.com and Youcaring.com are both great places to start if you’re looking to gather the funds necessary to pay for your legal representation.  

The internet is an excellent resource for legal support.  Research the steps necessary to create a compelling crowdfunding campaign, and start working today to raise the funds you need.  

Look into legal aid options

There are legal aid organizations set up all over the U.S. to help pay for legal representation.  You may be able to get help with your legal fees by applying for help from a legal aid organization in your local area.  

If you’re having trouble finding where to go, do some light web research.  Find a trail, and start making phone calls. By the end of the first day, you will have some viable options to explore.  

Use your credit card to pay

You may have one or many credit cards at your disposal, and now is the time to utilize the funds you have available to you.  Criminal charges are no joke, and your freedom is worth stressing your line of credit a little.  

If your credit cards are not enough to pay the legal fees you accrue, you will at least have time to work on raising money another way.  Let your credit card buy you some time to sort the situation.  

Take out a personal loan

If your credit (or your relationship with the bank) is good enough, you could consider taking out a personal loan to pay your lawyer.  Depending on the payment arrangement you have with your lawyer, you may need a large lump sum to procure services.  Start the process of conversing with your bank to find out whether or not a personal loan is a viable option for you.  

Ask friends and family for help 

You may have a wide circle of friends or family to help you sort out your legal situation.  If you’re lucky enough to have this kind of support, it may be time to place your pride on the backburner.  Ask friends and family to donate a portion of your legal fees, and keep the ball rolling on your defense.