Avoiding Debt

Keeping distance from debt may seem like a distant dream, but it is possible. We can stay out of paying dues by making smart decisions based on our experience and the knowledge we possess. To begin with, we are discussing the simpler methods of avoiding debt.

Stop overspending

Living within your means is the easiest and important trick to dodge debt. It simply means that you do not buy things you do not have the money for. Although it seems easy yet it’s very hard as the society we live celebrates instant gratification. The Black Friday sale is the best example of describing how people buy things they don’t need.

Investors can use our emotions by lending us money and making us liable to pay interest. They benefit from our emotional spending while we keep on ignoring the rational part of our brain. Eventually, you realize that these products are not worth their price but till then you are stuck in the vicious debt loop.

But, there are ways to beat advertisers at their own game like not buying things out of a sheer urge to have them. Play the classic waiting game and only buy if the desire to own the product remains the same even after a week. If you lack patience then waiting for a few minutes thinking rationally about the product is enough to give you a logical answer.

Some of our experts also suggest you compare the products’ worth with instant cash in your hand. If you choose the stack of cash instead of the product, then stop thinking about it. You can also question the feasibility of using the product at that very moment. If the answer is negative then buying the product will be of no use.

Create multiple income sources

Diversifying income streams is a key strategy in avoiding debt and achieving financial stability. Relying solely on a single source of income can leave individuals vulnerable to unexpected financial challenges. Creating multiple income sources provides a safety net and can contribute to debt prevention.

This approach involves exploring various avenues such as side hustles, investments, or freelancing opportunities. For instance, considering a side career as a driving instructor can be a lucrative choice. Exploring options like a school for driving instructor training consett, or a similar school near you, could not only open up an additional income stream but also offer the opportunity to turn a passion into a profitable venture.

Similarly, taking up teaching or odd jobs on the weekend could offer a considerable addition to your income. By cultivating diverse sources of income, individuals can better weather financial uncertainties and build a solid foundation for financial well-being, reducing the risk of falling into debt.


Budgeting might not be the coolest things to do but is surely an essential part of money management. Most of our debts occur due to our incapability of handling money properly. Budgeting comes at the rescue as it allows you to track your expenses and guide money to more productive prospects.

You can use an Excel spreadsheet as a hands-on approach to computing your income, expenses, and savings. On the other hand, you can drive most of your income into settling bills and investments as soon as the paycheck arrives.

Again, you must realize that retracting money flow does not come under budgeting, but it is the perfect allocation of your income. It will not only stop you from spending on random things but will also create a financial back up for emergencies.

Moreover, do not confuse yourself between wants and needs as most of our comforts are far from being termed as necessities.

Stop comparisons

The only thing you will achieve while keeping up with the world is a disappointment. There is no point in comparing your lifestyle with others. This is the reason people buy bigger houses, faster cars, shinier diamonds, and super expensive clothes.

The stupidity leads you to take loans and compile numerous debts in return. You do not have to show off your wealth as in reality your assets are working like a liability. Work hard to become a millionaire instead of trying hard to look rich.

Comparisons cause insecurities and people tend to curb the feeling by buying better things. It’s nothing but a mess and will probably stop you from attaining financial freedom.

Stop using credit cards

Using credit cards can be the most convenient way of settling bills, but it is also the easiest way to accumulate debt. Nowadays, people are more likely to max out their credit card limits just because of limitless spending option we have. The process might save us from paying from our pocket but eventually takes away a lot more money.

By using cash, you eliminate the liability of paying interest over your expenditure. Do not use credit cards on meager expenditure like paying a restaurant bill or buying new shoes rather keep it for emergencies or for buying larger deals for added security? In simple words, using cash was and still the best way to use the money.

These are some simpler methods to avoid debt. However, there are more complex things to understand about which you can learn from the rest of our articles.