ClickTrades Shares CFDs Offer Review

Global stock markets have been under the spotlight this year and an impressive number of retail traders have joined the ranks. After actively trading the FX market for years, I’ve decided to start shares CFDs trading, following the 1st quarter selloff, given the attractive valuations. Thanks to high volatility, share prices were moving impulsively even on an intraday basis, and thus short-term trading was a suited approach.

Trading CFDs on shares is one of the most appropriate ways to take advantage of short-term price movement and I’ve chosen the shares CFDs offer developed by ClickTrades, given multiple reasons which I will present in the current review.

Why am I trading CFDs with ClickTrades?

ClickTrades is a regulated brokerage house currently providing access to 2,100+ CFD instruments and several other important trading benefits that have made me decide to open a live trading account with them. The most relevant trading features this brand offers are the following:

  • Trading Software – ClickTrades relies heavily on a proprietary ClickTrades WebTrader, integrating multiple efficient tools, on top of the usually advanced charts, risk management tools, and technical indicators. After using it for months, it seems to me like the broker has truly succeeded at creating an optimal trading environment.

This is a versatile and adaptable trading platform and what impressed me the most about it is the powerful 3rd party resources. I must say that I don’t fancy the fact that Trading Central is only available for Signature account holders but all in all, using the platform was definitely a personalized trading experience. The MetaTrader 5 is also on the list of platforms offered to traders and due to its popularity, it does not need any special introduction.

  • Assets – regardless of your goals, with ClickTrades you can find the right assets. That is so because the broker currently covers CFDs based on currency pairs, shares, blends, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and ETFs. I will be focusing on shares, but there are plenty of other assets available.
  • Accounts – the Essential account is fit for newcomers; the Original account is currently labeled as “traders’ choice” and the Signature account is the choice for trading experts. Regardless of your decision, each account comes with the required resources to trade effectively.
  • Education – I appreciate the fact that ClickTrades puts an emphasis on educating traders using multiple resources. You have access to a video library, support from a dedicated account representative, and multiple other materials such as daily market reviews and daily analyst recommendations.
  • Customer Service – to prove that its focus is on the customer, ClickTrades is offering customer support via phone, and email. The dedicated account representative was very helpful in my case, as he had provided a lot of information about the services and what would be the right account type for me.
  • Regulation – ClickTrades is regulated by the FSA and operates within the boundaries of tight trading regulation. It transparently shares on its website more details about how it works according to the latest regulatory requirements, so its customers can rest assured.

The ClickTrades shares CFDs offer exposed

For over 6 months, the ClickTrades shares CFDs offer has been my main focus, given there are currently more than 1,000 share instruments that are part of the broker’s offer. Healthcare and tech have been the best performing sectors and as a result, I was actively trading instruments related to Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Regeneron, all involved in developing COVID-19 vaccines or therapeutics.

ClickTrades covers shares from most of the large stock markets, including Australia, Germany, France, and the UK. The spreads are variable, and the maximum leverage stands on 1:10. Thanks to its zero-commission trading policy, the only trading cost needed to be taken into account is the overnight swap. Trading execution is fast when using both the ClickTrades WebTrader and the MetaTrader 5.

ClickTrades mobile platform

The ClickTrades Android app deserves a special mention, considering I’ve been using it intensively all along the way. With increased volatility in the stock markets, keeping a close eye on open trades and how stocks are performing becomes a necessity. The app has a similar structure and interface to that of the ClickTrades WebTrader and incorporates all of the trading tools that are available via desktop or laptop. The feedback given by other customers on Google Play is favorable, which means the broker has done a good job in developing this Android app.


Trading shares CFDs with ClickTrades has helped me learn more about the stock markets. On top of the attractive trading conditions, the broker is also providing multiple educational resources developed by market experts. Regulated and with a customer-oriented approach, the brand shows commitment to providing high-quality trading services for those wishing to embark on a trading journey. ClickTrades has made a good impression on me and that’s the main reason I plan on continuing working with this brand in the future.

Risk Warning: The materials contained on this document are not made by ClickTrades but by an independent third party and should not in any way be construed, either explicitly or implicitly, directly or indirectly, as investment advice, recommendation or suggestion of an investment strategy with respect to a financial instrument, in any manner whatsoever. Trading CDF’s involves significant risk of loss