How custom printed paper bags and business cards can be used to display your company branding

When it comes to the branding of your business it can be easy to get in a whole quickly by paying a lot for the initial designs. However, even if you have a logo and brand in the end that you are happy with it will be worth nothing if you do not get it in front of your customers. These days, companies like YouInkIt make it so easy to get great bundles of all different types of swag so there are fewer and fewer excuses for you not to have SOME form of company swag to give and get your name out there.

Physical items like packaging and leaflets can be a great way to get as much value out of your new designs as possible. Keep reading to find out exactly how custom printed paper bags and business cards can promote your business branding.

  1. Custom printed paper bags are often reused by customers

Printed branding is a good way to get your business in front of new eyes. If you advertise on custom printed paper bags, you will be tapping into a lucrative area. Research shows that paper bags are often reused by customers who are becoming more concerned with the environment. Our tip is to make your branding easily identifiable, this will increase the likelihood of your brand being recognised.

  • Business cards will give your business a professional edge

If you want to add an extra element to your custom printed paper bag, including a well-made business card within the bag could help you to stand out from competitors. Including a small pouch within the custom bag to nest the business card, it will add an extra sense of quality to the bag.

When designing a custom business card, try and use a material that works well with your brand. If you are aiming at the luxury market, having a business card printed on thick matte card will help you market yourself as a premium brand. You can always buy your own slitters cutters creasers machine so you can create the cards yourself and make sure they are to the correct standard.

  • You can get experimental with custom printed paper bags

If you find a paper bag manufacturer who provides a wide variety of customizable options you will be able to change your printed paper bag in different ways. This will give you a lot of flexibility. You will be able to change the style and design of the bag in line with the different seasons and any sales you have coming up.

Find expert printers for your custom paper bags and business cards

When it comes to getting your custom printed bag made, you should always try and prioritise quality over cost. That said, you still have to keep track of the costs to make sure the decision is a profitable one. We recommend finding a supplier who can give you a great product at a fair rate.