Targeting Your Audience for Killer Sales Numbers

Making money through sales is a matter of numbers. You have to figure out how to crunch all of the math, statistics, and the data so that at the end of each pay period, you come out ahead. To get these killer sales numbers, a big priority of yours should be to target the appropriate audience. If you don’t know who you’re selling to, how can you possibly reach the demographic numbers necessary to obtain your goal?

So, have you already determined who your primary audience is going to be? Are you trying to do something like aim for Walmart customers? Are you familiar enough with the blue ocean strategy to learn how to avoid your competitors? 

Are you using all of the social media tactics that you possibly can to identify and connect with your target audience? These are fundamental questions to ask if you want to succeed in a business venture.

Aim for Walmart

Walmart is gigantic. And that means that they have millions and millions and millions of customers. At some point, you may ask yourself if it makes sense to attempt to take some of the Walmart audience and make some money by selling them things? Even if that sounds like a little bit of an abstract principle, it is, in fact, quite reasonable. 

If you know what the Walmart demographic is, you have to adjust your sales techniques to specifically target the kind of people who would shop at that store!

Understand Blue Ocean Techniques

If you’ve never looked into the blue ocean strategy before, then now is the time to dive in. Basically, it’s a way that you make a list of your competitors and the qualities that their brand has. You find out how to get your audience based on leaving their audience alone. If your primary competitor is selling inexpensive goods, then you aim for expensive products. 

If your competitor is fast, then you aim for the audience wants slow things. It really is that easy of an equation. Once you spend enough time preparing your blue ocean strategy, you’ll see that there is an automatic success rate built-in.

Using Social Media Tactics

If you’re not already using social media for business, then now is the time to get started. You need to have a Facebook profile set up for your brand. You need to have a Twitter account, and an Instagram page parked. Even if you aren’t particularly active on these social media platforms, your name at least has to be out there. If people only search for brands on their platform of choice, you at least have to have a funnel to get them from those pages to your primary website or sales page.