The Best International Semi Trucks to Start Your Trucking Business

To start your business, you need to have the proper tools and operating equipment. In case your business venture involves manufacturing and deliveries, then there is a great chance that you will need a semi-truck as well to support your business operations. In this case, you can consider getting a big rig from International, which is one of the most well-established truck manufacturers in the industry. This article lists down some of the best International semi-trucks to start your business. Bear in mind when you are looking at this list, if you are planning on expanding your business to a fleet level, then you will need to incorporate trucking software within your plan so you are covered.

Severe Duty

  • HV Series

If your business is inclined with some of the toughest jobs in the trucking industry, then you should choose a model in the HV series offered by International. For instance, if you are running a construction project, then the vocational trucks in this series will surely be able to cater to your needs. Rest assured that even with the most difficult jobs on the site, the driver of any truck in this model will still be comfortable.

  • HX Series

Another International offering that is intended for severe duty applications is the HX series that is designed with an impressive frame rail strength. The big rigs in this lineup also boast factory-installed lift axles, making the truck ready for an extremely challenging task.

Heavy Duty

  • Lonestar

When it comes to heavy duty purposes, you should think about getting International’s Lonestar model. Rest assured that it will be easy for you to find this heavy-duty International semi truck for sale at a very reasonable price when you explore online sources. In every detail in the interior of this truck, the driver definitely comes first.

  • LT Series

Another heavy duty lineup offered by International is the LT series, with all the models uptime-focused. Regardless of whether you are after a long haul, a local delivery, or an intermodal use, your business will benefit from the features that the trucks on this lineup offer. Both day cab and sleeper configurations are also ergonomically designed to bring forth ultimate driver comfort, enhancing their productivity and effectively increasing the profitability of your business.

Medium Duty

  • CV Series

For medium duty purposes, the CV series of International proves to be beneficial. While considerably smaller compared to its bigger big rig brothers, the models in the CV series are just as tough and adaptable. The hood of the trucks in this lineup also features a forward tilt that paves the way for easy access.

  • MV Series

Finally, the MV series offers another lineup of trucks that are designed for medium duty purposes. With the MV series, you have the option to choose your own configuration. In this case, you can choose to go for a delivery truck or a dump truck for vocational purposes. You can even configure this series for towing.

The Bottomline

There are various truck manufacturers and brands out there today and International is one of the most renowned ones. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that they continue producing highly innovative big rigs that pave the way for an optimum performance yielding maximum profitability that is good for business. For this reason, consider acquiring any of the big rig models from International and watch how your business grows to scale.

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