What is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Possibly in the advanced stages of one’s search for a suitable auto insurance coverage deal, one might come across the phrase “full coverage auto insurance”, which may be one of the insurance coverage packages made available by a particular insurance service provider under consideration. This type of coverage might also be one of the many options found while browsing for online auto insurance quotes on various websites. Depending on what a future policyholder would like covered for their vehicle, they can either choose this or any other premium that suits the needs of the policyholder and vehicle. Defining full coverage auto insurance, however, poses a completely different challenge, as truly generic full coverage auto insurance doesn’t quite exist, in the academic sense of the phrase.

Let’s pretend that a generic, full coverage auto insurance definition did exist for a moment though, just to drive home the point of exactly what is meant by full coverage auto insurance, in the context of any auto insurance service provider. If generic full coverage auto insurance did exist, it would be auto insurance that offers coverage in the wake of all eventualities that may set off a client’s claim on the benefits they signed up for, under their full coverage auto insurance plan. An attempt to list all possible benefits very quickly highlights the fact that it is impossible for a number of different auto insurance service providers to claim to offer generic full coverage auto insurance, since differences in the terms and conditions, benefits and premiums, among other things, will naturally come into play.

Nonetheless, full coverage auto insurance, in the generic sense, would encompass something like an auto coverage plan that pays out or comes to the financial aid of policyholders regardless of the situation they find themselves in, pertaining to their now limited access to the use of their automobile. For example, generic full coverage auto insurance would pay out in the event of a car accident, no matter how minor or serious, it would pay out in the event of theft, or any form of damage, no matter who is at fault and the policyholder would benefit from a payout in the event of any other events that typically trigger insurance claims payouts. You could find out more about full coverage auto insurance by contacting insurance agents from Houston State Farm or any other insurance providers, for that matter.

The above mentioned scenario covers full coverage auto insurance as it would exist in an ideal world, but in practice, full coverage auto insurance in this form can never exist.

Reference to full coverage auto insurance in a manner which is much closer to reality, but not quite there, takes the form of auto insurance plans that cater to all claim scenarios, but don’t always pay out completely in light of such claims scenarios depicting negligent or blatant behaviour on the part of the policy holder.

In addition, full coverage auto insurance often only covers certain types of cars, not vans, trucks, or motorbikes. The closest you can get to full coverage auto insurance with those types of motor vehicles is often known as “fully comprehensive superbike insurance“, though wording can be different between providers.

Thus, full coverage auto insurance, in the most practical representation of the phrase, simply refers to an auto insurance package or deal that resides at the upper end of a specific insurance service provider’s range of auto insurance offerings for cars. The level of coverage offered by auto insurance companies and service providers naturally differs, incrementally increasing on a rate-to-benefits or rates-to-coverage-level ratio, whereby there will be an entry-level option which yields minimum coverage and the pricing to go with, right up to the maximum coverage option, normally then referred to as the full coverage auto insurance option.

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