What Shared ownership could do for you

If you’re a first time buyer or you’re looking to become one sooner rather than later or you simply don’t know quite where to start when it comes to buying a home, Shared Ownership could provide an answer to a few questions you might have. With its growing momentum on the property market, shared ownership is the new way to buy a home especially in sought after areas and pricier locations like West London. With plenty of options to choose from when it comes to this scheme, shared ownership may just be the route for you.

What is Shared Ownership?

This scheme allows you to part-buy and part-rent a property, meaning you only pay a deposit on the portion you wish to purchase, typically between 25% and 75%. With a smaller deposit, you won’t have to wait as long to step onto the property ladder and into your very own home. The rent you pay in these arrangements is often a fraction of what private landlords charge, leaving you with extra funds to personalize your home to your dream decor.

This means you can add a modern touch into your home’s decor by browsing through BetterKitchens’ Kitchen Units selection (or a similar alternative), and selecting one that best suits the aesthetic you have in mind. Similarly, you can revamp your living area with your preferred furnishings, tailor your bathroom to suit your needs, and take other measures to create the house of your dreams without straining your budget. Shared ownership offers both the flexibility and affordability to help you achieve your homeownership goals.

Additionally, it is worth noting that you can also utilize the staircasing option, which essentially allows you to gradually buy more of the property over time. Consequently, when you decide to sell, you retain a larger portion of the profit or equity from the home. These properties are predominantly new builds, featuring bespoke fitted kitchens, balconies, communal gardens, or private parking facilities, ensuring you find something that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle while benefiting from the financial advantages of the scheme.Moreover, you have the flexibility to make any necessary changes based on your specific requirements.

As an example, if you’re looking for shingle roofing for your home because of its durability and cost-effectiveness, you can install them in your home with the help of roofing firms like Marietta Roofing (https://roofingmariettaga.net/). Similarly, if you find that the exterior of your home appears dull and disorganized, don’t hesitate to implement the changes you believe are necessary. Whether it’s upgrading the drainage system or opting for weed removal in your lawn with the assistance of Riverwood Kitchener professionals or experts of similar expertise elsewhere, you can proceed with confidence.

Where can you find Shared Ownership homes?

These properties are located all over the UK from houses for sale in Newcastle to Shared ownership Kent but where this scheme has really taken off is of course London. With house prices simply asking far too much of first time buyers in all areas of this region, Shared Ownership allows you to get on the property ladder here without the extortionate prices. With 2 bedroom city apartments in the heart of with shared ownership Bromley and family homes with front and back gardens in Maidstone, whatever you’re looking for Shared Ownership has it. They range from rural areas in villages out in the Canterbury Countryside to city skyline apartments with swanky bars and sensational restaurants only a couple of streets away. And with first time buyers in mind, you won’t have to compromise on anything to find your perfect home.

Why now is the best time to buy

With plenty of new homes being built in sought after areas all over the country, getting your hands on your perfect property sooner rather than later could really make a big difference to the kind of investment you’re making. With places like Ebbsfleet undergoing a huge regeneration programme, house prices are set to soar, so finding yourself the perfect spot now could really bring you that financial security and planning for your future and your family. And if you still have a few queries you can find shared ownership advice at Moathomes.co.uk and start your journey with a browse of these London listings.