Where to Buy BTC with a Credit Card

How do you get verified to buy Bitcoins? You will need to have a verified account before you can buy bitcoins with credit card instantly, or debit card. If you have bought Bitcoins before, your credit card details will be saved for your next purchase, and the only thing required is that you input the CVV code to confirm next time you purchase with us. With this said, it is important to keep in mind that, before you can purchase bitcoins using your credit card — you not only will have to register an account with the exchange in question — you will have to pass through the KYC process as well.

If the exchange of choice and the issuer of the credit card you are using both let you buy, then the process of setting up those transactions is quite similar to that of linking and confirming a bank account through ACH (Automatic Clearing House). When researching where to buy bitcoins with credit cards, we found the best exchanges in the space allowed for you to use this form of payment for smaller amounts of deposits.

The Rule of Thumb

Provided a financial institution or a bank allows customers to purchase bitcoins using a credit card, they will charge a set number of fees, which are typically higher than with other payment methods. In the following sections, you can find details about what types of fees you should be aware of both from your credit card provider and from the exchanges that you are using to purchase bitcoin.


Some providers might let you use your card to purchase cryptocurrency, but keep an eye out for any fees that may increase the transaction costs. Not all providers will let you buy cryptocurrency using their credit cards, such as TSB, Virgin Money, and Tesco Bank block transactions with cryptocurrency exchanges. Many bitcoin services will not allow you to purchase using a credit card due to the limit on the amount of time they allow you to withdraw, considering that a credit card transaction can take up to six months to complete on the side of the merchant.

While using your credit card to purchase bitcoins might not have been the best idea previously, there are some credit cards out there that may allow you to earn Bitcoin rewards on your regular everyday purchases. For some, using a credit card to purchase Bitcoin seems to be the smarter way to hold Bitcoins, and to use the future gains to cover debts and fees. While most crypto exchanges and brokers will allow you to purchase Bitcoin using your credit card, you should not take that for granted.


If you really want to store bitcoin on a wallet other than the one from the exchange of your choice, be sure that withdrawals are allowed, and be aware of what fees, if any, are applied. Keep in mind there might be fees you have to pay for withdrawals of Bitcoin from your exchange, and if you are going with a cold wallet, you need to make sure your login codes are secure, otherwise you run the risk of being locked out of your holdings.

So, how can i buy bitcoin with credit card?

Whether you are new on the scene or an old-timer, you will be impressed with the ease and speed at which you can purchase bitcoins using your debit or credit card on our site. Then, check the box to agree to the privacy policy and TOCs, and hit Next. The Virtual Point-of-Sale, powered by Simplex, accepts debit cards and credit cards, whether Visa or Mastercard.