The commonest issues faced when working with international investors

Most businesses need to source inward investment at some point. It can be at the initial start-up phase of a business, to help it through a sticky patch when established, or to fund strategic growth into the future. Although domestic investment is considered preferable, many businesses now look overseas when seeking an injection of capital.

Of course, once you have got an international investor on-board, then you need to do all you can to work with them effectively. If you need some tips on how to deal with the most common issues you may face, read on.

Sending funds abroad

When it comes to working with international businesses, how to send money to them can be an issue for US businesses. After all, you cannot fly over to the other side of the world to drop money off in person. While you could rely on your bank to handle international money transfers for you, many businesses use online money brokers instead. They are secure and fast, and also usually have lower fees and better rates. Whether you need the best transfer rates to Dubai or a quick way to send a dividend to a European investor, they are a good option.

Cultural issues

International investment involves many different cultures. This can be tricky when working with some investors. Their culture and work values may be entirely different from yours which makes it vital to brush up on them. Being fully informed will allow you to work better with them and to avoid unintentionally causing offence. If you have problems legally with culture, can help out.


If the person who has invested into your business lives on the other side of the world, then communication in general can cause problems. This could be something as simple as being in different time zones, thus making it hard to ever catch up properly. Of course, if you like a more personal, regular working relationship with investors, working with an international one can be frustrating. The geography involved means you are simply not able to drop in on them for a weekly meeting as you might like. To get around this, you need to prepare for what working with a foreign investor involves and also make concrete plans to communicate by electronic means when suitable for both of you.

Finding international investment can help your business grow

If you are looking for help to start a business or help to enable a current one to grow further, international investors can be a great choice. They can be willing to invest in businesses that domestic investors might not in order to break into a new market. With so much wealth available from emerging economies, such as China and India, looking for investment internationally brings you more opportunity to find the funds that you need. These words of advice might help you to address the commonest issues you could come across when dealing with foreign companies and investors.